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成立于2012年, 是一家集研发、设计、制造、市场、销售为一体的现代化高新技术企业,拥有一支来自清华,交大的专业研发团队,他们不断探索着如何创新并引领行业的发展。 Shanghai Dikong Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Dikong) was established in 2012. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. It has a professional R & D team from Tsinghua University and Jiaotong University. They are constantly exploring how to innovate and lead the development of the industry. , 产品均获得欧盟 CE 认证,是中国智能照明行业的主流品牌之一。 Shanghai Dikong specializes in intelligent lighting control systems, smart home control systems, intelligent lighting control systems , and intelligent energy management systems. It has a number of national patent designs and products have obtained EU CE certification. It is one of the mainstream brands in China's intelligent lighting industry. One.

In order to provide customers with timely, efficient and high-quality technical services, Shanghai Dikong has established a comprehensive after-sales service system throughout the country, with Shanghai as its headquarters and radiating the country, and has gradually established regions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hunan, and Chengdu. Sales and after-sales service center.

At present, Shanghai Dikong has undertaken more than 1,000 projects nationwide, including representative projects: Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway Station, Shanghai Yaohua International School, Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, Zhejiang Puyuan Textile City, and Jiangsu Guoshou Suzhou Resort Wait. Each project is a one-stop technical service provided by the company to provide drawing design, construction guidance, system commissioning, and acceptance training.

With the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence era, in the coming years, Shanghai Dikong CNCOMATE ”这个品牌能够深入人心,感动你我,方便你我,让我们身边的视界变得更加节能,更加丰富多彩! It will also continue to launch new products in the fields of intelligent lighting control systems, smart home control systems, and intelligent energy management systems to meet and lead the development and needs of the times. At the same time, it will allow the " CNCOMATE " brand to penetrate the hearts and hearts of you and me. It is convenient for you and me to make the vision around us more energy-efficient and colorful!

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