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: 公司团队设计出来的产品首先要打动的不是客户,而是我们自己,连自己都感染不了,何以感染我们的客户。 Product idea : The product designed by the company's team must not first touch the customer, but ourselves, and we can't even infect ourselves, so why infect our customers.

:宁可不做或者少做一笔订单,也要确保品质不降低,确保交付给客户的每一件产品都是 100% 合格品。 Quality concept : It is better not to make or not to make an order, but also to ensure that the quality is not reduced, and to ensure that each product delivered to the customer is 100% qualified.

:专业的人做专业的事,适合企业文化的人才,才是企业长远发展所需要的。 Talent concept : Professional people do professional things, and talents suitable for corporate culture are what the enterprise needs for its long-term development.

:实事求是,真诚面对我们的每一位客户。 Sales philosophy : Seek truth from facts and face each of our customers in good faith.

     All employees of the company always pursue and expect: not only to be an excellent partner in the domestic intelligent lighting industry, but also to be a trusted Chinese partner in the world's intelligent lighting industry. CNCOMATE 这个由我们自主创立的品牌能够深入人心,感动你我,方便你我,让我们身边的视界变得更加节能,更加丰富多彩! Let Shanghai Dikong's " CNCOMATE " brand, which was independently created by us, be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, touch you and me, make it easier for you and me, and make the vision around us more energy efficient and colorful!

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