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Intercontinental Shanghai Puxi

Release time: 2015-04-16 17:16

Shanghai Puxi Intercontinental Hotel Lighting Control System

SPA 会所、公共走廊、室外景观照明。 The entire hotel's public areas are controlled by intelligent lighting, including hotels, office lobby, banquet halls, meeting rooms, restaurants, spa clubs, public corridors, and outdoor landscape lighting. The main control methods are scene control, timing control, computer remote control, and wireless terminal control.

Light control page

80% 50% 20% 及关闭)及各路灯光启停设定。 The lower part of the page shows the status of the live lights, and the upper part is set for the scenes of each light (set to 80% , 50%, 20% and off of the four scenes ) and the start and stop settings of each light.

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