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Outdoor view of Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza

Release time: 2015-06-25 21:42

Intelligent control system for outdoor landscape lighting in Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza

CNCOMATE 品牌的智能灯光控制系统,整个系统通过标准通讯接口接入万达慧云智能化管理系统,使其能够实时监控夜景照明系统并与其信息交互。 Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza's outdoor landscape lighting uses Shanghai Dikong CNCOMATE brand intelligent lighting control system. The entire system is connected to Wanda Huiyun intelligent management system through standard communication interfaces, enabling it to monitor the night lighting system in real time and interact with its information.

Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza.Jpg

Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza

  个智能照明配电箱,根据设计要求选配上海迪控电子有限公司CNCOMATE品牌DK2000系列智能灯光控制器, 其中4路、 6路、 8路、 1216A开关量控制模块共37台,并配有协议转换模块和功能强大的Web崁入式网页伺服控制器。 The outdoor landscape lighting of Xishuangbanna Wanda Plaza is set as 23 intelligent lighting distribution boxes. According to the design requirements, Shanghai Dikong Electronics Co., Ltd. CNCOMATE brand DK2000 series intelligent lighting controller is selected, of which 4 , 6 , 8 , 12 and 16A switches. A total of 37 volume control modules are equipped with a protocol conversion module and a powerful web- entry web server controller.

Scene control, timing control including astronomical clock control, computer remote control, wireless terminal control can be realized through Shanghai Dikong intelligent lighting control system itself. The system is incorporated into the wireless local area network, which can be realized at any time within the wireless LAN coverage area through a tablet or smartphone. The entire outdoor landscape lighting is monitored anywhere. After the entire system is set up, different outdoor landscape effects can be automatically turned on automatically at different times without the need for management operations.

The Wanda Huiyun intelligent management system platform can also monitor the entire outdoor landscape lighting control system in real time. The operation interface of the entire system is simple and intuitive, convenient and quick, which not only saves management staff costs, but also saves energy to the maximum and reduces energy consumption.

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