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Shouguang People's Hospital (East Hospital)

Release time: 2015-08-13 11:09

The People's Hospital of Shouguang City is a medical, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care, and emergency and emergency center in Shouguang City, a third-level general hospital, a northern medical center in Weifang City, and a non-affiliated hospital of Weifang Medical College. The newly built Shouguang People's Hospital Dongcheng Hospital's first basement to the 16th floor of the main building all use Shanghai Dikong intelligent lighting control system. A total of about 80 intelligent lighting control modules, 70 intelligent lighting scene operation panels, and 3 Web plug-in types are used. Web server controller.

The public lighting of the main building, podium, and basement are all integrated into the fire control room for centralized management. The scene is equipped with two touch screen and keypad operation panels, which is convenient for timely on-site control and centralized management, making the entire project lighting management simple, Intelligent, which can save energy to the greatest extent and facilitate management.

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