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Underground passageway of Shanghai Pudong Airport Phase III project (world's largest single satellite hall) uses Shanghai Dikong CNCOMATE intelligent lighting system

Release time: 2018-05-11 09:38


The main body of the third phase of Pudong Airport's expansion, the satellite hall has a total construction area of 622,000 square meters, and is composed of two connected satellite halls (S1 and S2). It is the largest single satellite hall in the world. . The satellite hall is connected to the T1 and T2 terminals through the passenger rapid transit system, forming an "terminal + satellite hall" integrated operation model.

The company's products are mainly used for dimming control of underground passages, switch control of boarding bridge lights and astronomical clock and timing combination control of outdoor lights, and accept unified management of airport intelligent platform. Our products provide open, national standard RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol.

CNCOMATE 为您服务! Intelligent lighting control system, intelligent lighting controller, intelligent lighting control module, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent lighting controller ----- Shanghai Dikong CNCOMATE is at your service!

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