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Magnetic latching relay module

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8 way 25A magnetic holding light switch module DK2000-CSN0825M

Release time: 2017-11-17 09:47

product description


2-1 DK2000-CSX xx xx x series switch controller products

Intelligent lighting control system architecture diagram


2-2 Product Function Overview

-CS****M产品是一款自带 LCD 中文显示界面,免编程,菜单式设置,并可独立使用的智能照明控制模块,其采用进口 50A 磁保持继电器,本身功耗低,发热量小,断电后还可保持原输出状态。 DK2000- CS **** M product is a smart lighting control module with LCD Chinese display interface, no programming, menu setting, and independent use. It uses imported 50A magnetic holding relay, which has low power consumption and The heat is small, and the original output state can be maintained after power off. LED , 户外大功率灯具 , 电机类负载而设计的一款抗瞬间浪涌电流能达 500A 的开关量控制模块。 Each relay comes with a mechanical handle. Even if the module fails unexpectedly, the manual forced switching of the lighting circuit can also be realized through the mechanical handle. It is specially designed for the currently commonly used LED lights , outdoor high-power lamps , and motor loads. Switching value control module capable of resisting instantaneous surge current up to 500A . Effectively solves the problem of being unable to turn off the lights due to the sticky relay contacts in the market. It can provide safe and reliable intelligent control for lighting systems in hospitals, stations, airports, stadiums, hotels, large shopping malls and other important public places.

RS485 MODBUS RTU TCP/IP 等国家标准开放的通讯协议组网,以实现电脑,手机 APP 的远程集中管理。 It can be networked through open communication protocols such as RS485 MODBUS RTU , TCP / IP and other national standards to achieve remote centralized management of computers and mobile APPs .

4G 信号收发模块( DTU )实现对每一个智能照明控制模块的无线化通讯管理,非常适和用于户外照明系统,老建筑照明系统改造, 家居智能化控制等等。 It can also be combined with Shanghai Dikong Cloud Platform, and realize the wireless communication management of each intelligent lighting control module through the 4G signal transceiver module ( DTU ), which is very suitable for outdoor lighting systems, retrofitting of old building lighting systems, and intelligent home. Control and more.

: The main features are as follows :

俱中文 LCD 显示屏: 菜单式的全中文界面,可让您结合功能键,非常方便的进行各项参数设置及场景调用等功能。 1. All Chinese LCD display: menu-style full Chinese interface, which allows you to combine function keys, very convenient to set various parameters and call scenes.

俱场景及时序控制功能 :6个场景可供用户自定义,1个时序可供用户自定义。 2. Various scenes and timing control functions : 6 scenes are available for user-defined, and 1 sequence is available for user-defined.

俱经纬时控功能: 也称天文时钟功能,选定后,照明设备的开关时间在一年四季可以随着日出日落的时间不同而自动调整。 3. Ju Jingwei time control function: also known as astronomical clock function, after selection, the lighting equipment switch time can be automatically adjusted with different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

俱独立自动控制功能 :增加光照度或人体移动探测器后可以实现照度,时间等组合控制。 4. All independent automatic control functions : combined illumination and time control can be realized after adding illumination or human motion detector.

俱旁路机械开关功能 : 控制器内的每一个回路的继电器都自带小拨动开关,故障时可以强制打开和关闭某一个回路。 5.Bypass mechanical switch function : The relay of each circuit in the controller comes with a small toggle switch, which can forcibly open and close a certain circuit in the event of a failure.

俱回路故障检测功能 :当某回路实际电流值低于正常电流值时,表明该回路有灯具发生故障,报警窗口开启,提醒人员检修(仅限带电流检测模块)。 6. Circuit fault detection function : When the actual current value of a circuit is lower than the normal current value, it indicates that there is a lamp failure in the circuit, and an alarm window opens to remind personnel to repair (only with current detection module).

俱数据同步功能: 当一键启用该功能时,控制器的万年历时间、场景各回状态、经纬度设定值将与上位机设定的参数相一致。 7. Data synchronization function: When this function is enabled with one button, the perpetual calendar time of the controller, the state of each scene, and the setting values of latitude and longitude will be consistent with the parameters set by the host computer.

俱火灾报警联动控制功能: 当接收到消防强启信号时,各应急照明回路全部强制开启。 8. Fire alarm linkage control function: When a strong fire start signal is received, all emergency lighting circuits are forcibly turned on.

回路开关时间间隔可调: 可设定控制器各回路依次开启/关闭的间隔时间,0.1S-2S可调。 9. Adjustable circuit switch time interval: the interval time for each circuit of the controller to be turned on / off in sequence can be set, adjustable from 0.1S-2S.

俱有过零断开功能: 选配带电流检测的模块可可具有过零断开功能。 10. All zero-cross disconnect function: optional module with current detection can have zero-cross disconnect function.


2-3 Product specifications and technical parameters


Power supply / power consumption: DC 24V / 1VA

/ 使用: -25 to 60°C; 10 to 85% RH Environment / use: -25 to 60 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

90% RH Storage environment: -25 to 80 ° C; below 90% RH

12864LCD屏'菜单/确认''上''下''左''右'按键 Human machine interface: 12864 LCD screen 'menu / confirmation' up, down, left, right 'button

Microprocessor: ARM series single-chip microcomputer

To send and execute data to the previous controller

Have independent monitoring application software, can easily upload different application software according to different control requirements

  All have self-diagnostic capabilities, real-time monitoring of controllers and circuits, and upload to the host computer to achieve centralized control

All battery-free program memory (EEPROM) can store all operating programs to prevent data loss during power failure.

Both have expanded FLASH to facilitate system upgrade.

The watchdog device returns automatically.

大功率通断能力磁保持继电器。 Relay output: high power on-off capacity magnetic holding relay.

1xRS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol ( 通讯协议) Communication method: 1xRS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol ( communication protocol)

Communication speed:             工厂内设 / 建议 9600 bps) 9600 ~ 76.8k bps ( factory built / recommended 9600 bps)

4000 ft (1.2 km) 为了保证通讯可靠性,建议通讯距离小于600米 Maximum communication distance: 4000 ft (1.2 km) To ensure communication reliability, the recommended communication distance is less than 600 meters

RS485 Modbus RTU Communication signal input: RS485 Modbus RTU

最大到 16, 即一个面板最大可接16台控制器 Communication address setting range: up to 16, that is, a panel can connect up to 16 controllers

Output specifications: Each circuit can output up to 16A / 20A / 25A three specifications

5PIN端子 Communication signal connector: 5PIN terminal


不含电流检测功能模块尺寸如下 : Dimensions: The dimensions of the module without the current detection function are as follows :

                       1) 4CH 16A / 20A / 25A: 162 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)

2) 6CH 16A / 20A / 25A: 198 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)

3) 8ch 16A / 20A / 25A: 238 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)

                       4) 12 way 16A / 20A / 25A: 288 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)

                       : The size of the module with current detection function is as follows :

1) 4CH 16A / 20A / 25A: 198 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)

2) 8ch 16A / 20A / 25A: 288 (W) * 90 (H) * 63 (D)


标准DIN35电气轨道 Installation: standard DIN35 electrical rail

Weight: See the basic parameter comparison table above for details


Advantages of 2-4 magnetic holding controller over ordinary controllers:

1. Use large-capacity magnetic holding relay to control the on-off of the circuit. Compared with ordinary relays, it has low power consumption and low heat generation.

2. Suitable for occasions with strict lighting requirements, such as hospitals, shopping malls, government office buildings, schools, etc. When the control power cannot be guaranteed (failure), the magnetic holding relay can be maintained in the original state, or manually pulled to force close / Disconnect each circuit to ensure the normal operation of each circuit lighting.

3. With loop current detection function, it can monitor each loop current in real time.

Note: Cooperate with DK2000-OPT322 touch screen to monitor the loop current in real time.

Click the 'Current View' button to enter the current view interface, as follows:


Note: The ID number is the address number of the hanging controller. If the hanging controller was set in the 'Parameter Setting' interface before

The number is n, then this value can only be 1-n.

对回路电流监控设置回路异常报警。 4. With the OPT322 screen, a loop abnormal alarm can be set for the loop current monitoring.


This setting function is to detect whether the load in the circuit is damaged (if the light bulb), when the detected current is less than the threshold percentage of the reference current, the corresponding circuit will alarm, reminding the staff to note that the line should be checked and deal with. When the current of each loop state is normal, the current can be set as the reference current. The current threshold percentage can be set according to the nature and importance of the load.

5. It has a zero-crossing disconnection function to ensure that when the circuit is disconnected under load, the load is disconnected when the current value is close to 0A. Bad). The service life of the relay is increased, thereby increasing the service life of the controller.

6. Large-capacity magnetic latching relay with resistive load rated current of 50A and anti-surge current of 500A / 2ms. Good load adaptability

2-5 Product Shell Size and Marking

2-6 Buttons and wiring instructions


2-7 Controller hardware description


控制器硬件说明 CSI0820M controller hardware description






LCD screen

Human machine interface, display and setting related functions


Up Button Up

/ 状态 Adjust setting parameter value / status


Down Button Down


Left Left

Move the menu and select the desired menu item


Right Right button


Enter Press Enter

确认 ' 按键,当某项 ' Confirm ' button, when an item   Menu or option When selected, the effect will be reversed.


Manually forcing the circuit to open and close

回路强制闭合; OFF- 回路强制断开 ON- loop is forcibly closed; OFF- loop is forcibly opened

, 需借助起子等工具拨动 For safe operation , you need to use a tool such as a screwdriver


24+ 24- Terminal blocks 24+ , 24-

DC24V 输入 Power DC24V input

电源指示灯,正常工作时指示灯亮 Power indicator, the indicator is on during normal operation


2 组通讯 D+,D-,GND Terminal block 2 groups of communication D +, D-, GND

通讯线。 RS485 communication line. 接通讯线正; D- 接通讯线负。 D + is connected to the communication line positive; D- is connected to the communication line negative. , 一组出线 . One set of incoming lines and one set of outgoing lines .

Rx 指示灯,通讯正常时,两个指示灯闪烁 Tx , Rx indicator, two indicators flash when communication is normal


DI1 DI2 COM Terminals DI1 , DI2 , COM

DI1,DI2, COM 端为公共端。 Passive digital inputs DI1, DI2, and COM are common.

DI1 DI2 相应指示灯亮 When the digital input is closed , the corresponding indicators of DI1 and DI2 are on.


AI1,AI2,AIG Terminal blocks AI1, AI2, AIG

AI1,AI2 AIG 为端为公共端。 Analog signal input AI1, AI2 , AIG is the common terminal. 0-10v,4-20mA, NTC 信号源。 The input source can be 0-10v, 4-20mA, or NTC signal source.

JP 路线位置来选择信号源输入方式 Select the source input method by changing the position of JP route


DO1-DO8 Terminals DO1-DO8

回路开关量输出 8- circuit switching output


For details, please consult our technical staff !

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