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Dimming control module

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6 channels 0 ~ 10V / PWM dimming controller DK2000-CDA0616M

Release time: 2016-04-15 15:09

product description

2-1 Product functions and features

俱中文LCD显示屏,菜单式的全中文界面: 可让您结合功能键,非常方便的进行各项参数设置及场景调用等功能。 1. Ju Chinese LCD display, menu-style full Chinese interface: allows you to combine function keys, very convenient for various parameter settings and scene recall functions.

主回路采用大容量磁保持继电器输出: 功耗小,发热量小,可靠性高。 2. The main circuit uses a large-capacity magnetic latching relay output: low power consumption, small heat generation, and high reliability.

调光回路有DC0/1-10v, PWM10V两种模式输出: 用户可根据现场要求来设定输出模式。 3. The dimming circuit has DC0 / 1-10v and PWM10V output modes: the user can set the output mode according to the site requirements.

俱场景及时序控制功能: 12个场景可供用户自定义:1个时序可供用户自定义。 4. Various scenes and timing control functions: 12 scenes are available for user-defined: 1 sequence is available for user-defined.

俱经纬时控功能: 也称天文时钟功能:选定后,照明设备的开关时间在一年四季可以随着日出日落的时间不同而自动调整。 5.Jingjingwei time control function: also known as astronomical clock function: After selection, the switching time of the lighting equipment can be automatically adjusted with different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

俱根据光照度及人体感测实现自动控制功能: 加配多功能传感器(光照度与人体移动PIR一体)后即可实现。 6. The automatic control function is realized according to the light intensity and human body sensing: it can be realized by adding a multi-function sensor (the light intensity is integrated with the human movement PIR).

俱数据同步功能: 当一键启用该功能时,控制器的万年历时间、场景各回状态、经纬度设定值将与上位机设定的参数相一致。 7. Data synchronization function: When this function is enabled with one button, the perpetual calendar time of the controller, the state of each scene, and the setting values of latitude and longitude will be consistent with the parameters set by the host computer.

俱火灾报警联动控制功能: 当接收到消防强启信号时,各应急照明回路全部强制开启。 8. Fire alarm linkage control function: When a strong fire start signal is received, all emergency lighting circuits are forcibly turned on.

预留2组开关量与2组模拟量信号输入口: 可灵活根据用户需要,实现特定功能要求。 9. Reserve 2 groups of switch and 2 groups of analog signal input ports: it can flexibly implement specific functional requirements according to user needs.

可设定调光回路淡入淡出时间: 1S-99S可调。 10. Can set the fade time of the dimming circuit: 1S-99S adjustable.

可设定继电器动作阀值: 即设定回路调光值与继电器闭合/断开的关系,确保用户根据现场灯具驱动性能及现场景其它要求,来设置继电器动作的时间。 11. The relay action threshold can be set: that is to set the relationship between the loop dimming value and the relay on / off, to ensure that the user can set the relay action time according to the driving performance of the on-site lamps and other requirements of the scene.

具有继电器动作次数统计功能: 用户可查看相应回路动作次数。 12. With the function of counting the number of relay actions: the user can view the corresponding number of loop actions.



2-2 Product specifications and characteristics

Power supply / power consumption: DC 24V / 1VA

Environment / Use: -10 to 45 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

Storage environment: -10 to 90 ° C; below 90% RH

Human machine interface: 12864 LCD screen, 'menu / confirmation' up, down, left, right 'button

Microprocessor: ARM series single-chip microcomputer

To send and execute data to the previous controller

Have independent monitoring application software, can easily upload different application software according to different control requirements

All have self-diagnostic capabilities, real-time monitoring of controllers and circuits, and upload to the host computer to achieve centralized control

All battery-free program memory (EEPROM) can store all operating programs to prevent data loss during power failure.

Both have expanded FLASH to facilitate system upgrade.

The watchdog device returns automatically.

Relay output: high power on-off capacity magnetic holding relay.

Dimming driving ability: single 200mA.

Communication method: 1xRS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol (communication protocol)

Communication speed: 9600 ~ 76.8k bps (factory built / recommended 9600 bps)

Maximum communication distance: 4000 ft (1.2 km)

Communication signal input: Modbus RTU

Communication address setting range: up to 16, that is, a panel can connect up to 16 controllers

Output specifications: Each circuit can withstand a maximum load of 25A

Communication signal connector: 5 or 2PIN terminal block.

Dimensions: 216 mm x 90 mm x 63mm (198 mm x 90 mm x 63mm)

Installation: standard DIN35 electrical rail

Weight: about 780 g

2-3 Product Shell Size and Marking

2-4 Wiring diagram

2-5 Controller hardware description

2-6 system diagram

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