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Smart scene panel

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9-key scene panel DK2000-OPB060

Release time: 2015-04-22 16:50

Product Features Overview

采用 9 个带灯指示按键。 1. Use 9 illuminated indication buttons.

采用拨码开关设置本机地址与下挂控制器个数。 2. Use the DIP switch to set the local address and the number of connected controllers.

俱备锁键与解锁功能。 3. Equipped with lock key and unlock function.

俱备异常报警功能,下挂执行控制有异常报警时,面板蜂鸣器报警。 4. Equipped with abnormal alarm function, when there is an abnormal alarm in the hanging control, the panel buzzer will alarm.

通讯协议采用标准开放的 RS485 MODBUS RTU 16 位元,可实现整个系统设备间的数据精准交换。 5. The communication protocol adopts standard open RS485 MODBUS RTU 16- bit, which can realize accurate data exchange between the entire system equipment. It can also be easily integrated with third-party systems upon confirmation with Dikong.

6场景调用,全开 / 关操作控制。 6. 6 scene calls, full on / off operation control. Press the button ▲ and button ▼ to fine-tune a selected lighting scene, provided that the hanging controller can be dimmed.

可配合迪控 DK2000-OPT322 触控屏实现双控及多控功能。 7. It can cooperate with Dikong DK2000-OPT322 touch screen to realize dual-control and multi-control functions.

可搭配以太网集成主机设备Web网络网页伺服控制器和网页伺服器使用,实现电脑远程监控。 8. Can be used with Ethernet integrated host device Web network web server controller and web server to realize remote computer monitoring.

Product specifications and characteristics

DC 24V / 1VA Power supply / power consumption: DC 24V / 1VA

-1 0 to 45 ° C; 10 to 85% RH Environment / Use: -1 0 to 45 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

Storage environment:          C; 低于90% RH -10 to 90 ° C; below 90% RH

Microprocessor: ARM series single-chip microcomputer

To send and execute data to the previous controller

Have independent monitoring application software, can easily upload different application software according to different control requirements

All have self-diagnostic capabilities, real-time monitoring of controllers and circuits, and upload to the host computer to achieve centralized control

(EEPROM) 可储存所有操作程式以防止断电时资料遗失。 All battery-free program memory devices (EEPROM) can store all operating programs to prevent data loss during power failure.

FLASH ,方便系统升级。 Both have expanded FLASH to facilitate system upgrade.

The watchdog device returns automatically.

communication method:           1 x RS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol (communication protocol)

9600~76.8k bps ( 工厂内设/ 建议9600 bps) Communication speed: 9600 ~ 76.8k bps ( factory built / recommended 9600 bps)

4000 ft (1.2 km) Maximum communication distance: 4000 ft (1.2 km)

Modbus RTU Communication signal input: Modbus RTU

Communication address setting range: 1-16

6PIN 端子 . Communication signal connector: 6PIN terminal .

physical dimension:           86 mm x 86 mm x 32mm

Installation method:           86 盒安装 Standard 86 box installation

weight:              ( 净重 ) 80 g ( net weight )

For product details, please consult the company's customer service staff, we will warmly welcome your inquiries!

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