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Smart scene panel

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7 inch touch screen DK2000-OPT703

Release time: 2017-03-30 16:38

产品特点 Product Features

1. Can manage up to 192 circuits (including different types of loads such as lighting, curtains, air conditioners, fans, pumps, etc.);

2. You can customize the names of scenes, circuits, and timings to make the user experience more intuitive and simple;

3. It can edit and set parameters such as scene, timing, and illumination. It can realize the automatic operation and centralized management of small and medium-sized systems without professional programming.

4, can insert the plane effect basemap, custom graphic control interface;

5. Special metal embedded box without screw disassembly;

6.The screen uses 7-inch true color industrial-grade resistive screen

产品规格及特性 Product specifications and characteristics

DC 12V—24V / 1VA Power supply / power consumption: DC 12V—24V / 1VA

7.0 寸真彩触控屏 1024x600 Screen: 7.0 inch true color touch screen 1024x600

Microprocessor: ARM series single-chip microcomputer

communication method:           2 x RS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol (communication protocol)

9600~76.8k bps ( 工厂内设/ 建议9600 bps) Communication speed: 9600 ~ 76.8k bps ( factory built / recommended 9600 bps)

4000 ft (1.2 km) Maximum communication distance: 4000 ft (1.2 km)

Communication address setting range: up to 16

size:                210 (W) mm x 150 (H) mm x 30 (D) mm

Installation method:           , 开孔内嵌式 Wall-mounted , cut-out embedded

weight:               500 Approximately 500 grams

Environment / use:        C; 10 to 85% RH 0 to 70 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

Storage environment:            C; 低于90% RH -10 to 90 ° C; below 90% RH

/ 下一层控制器 Transfer and execute data to the upper / lower layer controller

Have independent monitoring application software, can easily upload different application software according to different control requirements

All have self-diagnostic capabilities and real-time monitoring of the connected controller and loop.

(EEPROM) 可储存所有操作程式以防止断电时资料遗失。 All battery-free program memory devices (EEPROM) can store all operating programs to prevent data loss during power failure.

FLASH SD 卡槽方便系统升级。 Both have expanded FLASH and SD card slot to facilitate system upgrade.

The watchdog device returns automatically.

产品外壳尺寸与标注 Product shell size and labeling

人员! Product details, please consult our relevant personnel!

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