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DK2000-OPT501 5 inch capacitive screen

Release time: 2018-12-11 13:33

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产品功能概述 2-1 Product Function Overview


迪控作为一 家专业研发,生产,销售智能照明控制 系统产品的高科技企业,我们采用了国际上先进的设计理念将照明控制与网络科技相结合,创造一个高度舒适的环境和便于管理的网络化系统平台,在节约日常运行费用的同时,实现自控 “e- 化、更安全、更舒适、更经济、高效率、可扩充 的目的,并为智能照明控制与楼宇自控系统全面信息集成提供支持。 As a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, and sales of intelligent lighting control system products, Shanghai Dikong has adopted international advanced design concepts to combine lighting control with network technology to create a highly comfortable environment and easy to manage. The networked system platform, while saving daily operating costs, achieves the purpose of self-control "e- ization, safer, more comfortable, more economical, efficient and scalable " , and comprehensive information integration for intelligent lighting control and building automatic control system provide support.


触控屏是一个可为宾馆、公寓、酒店、餐厅、商场、医院、学校、影剧院、体育馆、厂房,道路街区等的照明系统提供智能化控制的全彩触摸屏操作面板。 DK2000-OPT501 touch screen is a full-color touch screen operation panel that can provide intelligent control for lighting systems in hotels, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, theaters, stadiums, factories, roads and other areas. Combined with the lighting control module installed in the power distribution box, and various other sensors, network web server, etc., it forms a complete intelligent lighting control system.


Main features of full color touch screen :

1.5-inch true-color capacitive touch screen : It can manage up to 192 circuits, which can be used for different types of loads including lighting, curtains, air conditioners, fans, pumps

Intelligent centralized management;

2. Name customization: The user can customize the name of the scene mode, loop, timing, and equipment, making the user experience more intuitive and simple.

3. Free programming and easy maintenance: users only need to set various parameters such as scene, timing, illumination, etc.

4. Standard 86-type bottom box installation: Custom-installed bottom box is used for embedding.

5. Multi-user rights management: Administrators can add / delete users, configure user levels, and different user levels can perform operations with different permissions.

6. Powerful equipment: can realize automatic control of illumination, automatic control of human induction, timing control, astronomical clock control, etc.

(Corresponding control module and sensor)

产品规格及特性 2-2 Product specifications and characteristics  

Power supply / power consumption: DC 12V—24V / 1VA

Screen: TFT 5 'true color touch screen 480X800

Microprocessor: ARM series single-chip microcomputer

Communication method: 2 x RS-485 1/2 duplex / Modbus RTU Protocol (communication protocol)

Communication speed: 9600 ~ 76.8k bps (factory built / recommended 9600 bps)

Maximum communication distance: 4000 ft (1.2 km)

Communication address setting range: up to 16

Dimensions: 86 mm x 143 mm x 45 mm

Installation: 86 boxes of standard appliances, wall-mounted

Weight: 300 grams

Environment / Use: 0 to 70 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

Storage environment: -10 to 90 ° C; below 90% RH

Transfer and execute data to the upper / lower layer controller

Have independent monitoring application software, can easily upload different application software according to different control requirements

All have self-diagnostic capabilities and real-time monitoring of the connected controller and loop.

All battery-free program memory (EEPROM) can store all operating programs to prevent data loss during power failure.

Both have expanded FLASH to facilitate system upgrade.

The watchdog device returns automatically.


产品外壳尺寸与标注 2-3 Product Shell Size and Marking

2-4 Wiring diagram

  2-5 System diagram

For details, please consult our technical staff !

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