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DK2000-EDO4520723WEB web server

Release time: 2019-03-25 13:49

product description  

『Single key operation, module control』 Yes   公司产品的设计理念 . 希望利用简单按 键操作 , 有效率地提供使用者多样之控制选择。 The design concept of Shanghai Dikong 's products . We hope to provide users with a variety of control options efficiently by using simple button operations . -- EDO 4520723 DK2000 - EDO 4520723   EB 7 "TFT LCD W EB   , 是属于嵌入式安装,采用内定的延时及死区控制特性以准确控制。 The touch screen is an embedded installation, which adopts the built-in delay and deadband control characteristics for accurate control. Mainly used in environmental control systems. Such as: office,   Meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels. -- EDO 4520723 7" TFT LCD W EB 化触控屏可独立依据之前所设定的程序单独控制 , 可自行改变内设搭配 DK2000-C** 系列 控制器达到所需的目的 , 若要与其它 DK2000 - EDO 4520723 7 "TFT LCD W EB touch screen can be controlled independently according to the previously set program . It can change the built-in and match the DK2000-C ** series controller to achieve the desired purpose . Other party B ACNET M ODBUS 局域网络以 RS485 串行方式完成联机功能 . The controller needs to complete the online function through RS485 serial mode through B ACNET and M ODBUS local area network for communication .  

feature of product

  • Web 架构/内建HTTPD 服务器 Web-based architecture / built-in HTTPD server

  • 7 ”TFT touch screen, capacitive touch       

  • 800x480dot (automatically detect and adjust resolution )

  • : Max 30 Picture : Max 30      

  • CPU: I.MX6 DUALLITE 2 core    

  • RAM DDR-III 1GB / Flash 8GB   

  • RTC 实时时钟及万年历. Built-in RTC real-time clock and perpetual calendar.   

  • /蜂鸣器 Built-in horn / buzzer     

  • 0-2m Front object distance sensor 0-2m      

Product Features   

■ Microprocessor architecture

■ Stand-alone programmable digital controller (master controller)

■ Transfer and execute data to the previous controller

■ Have independent monitoring application software

■ Have self-diagnostic ability

■ All EEPROM can save all operation programs to prevent material loss

■ Program group that fully meets TREND LOGS capacity requirements

■ Easy setting and drawing

■ Data for 20 years

Software functions

Controller control mode              Proportional, integral, derivative (PID) / fuzzy logic control

Watchdog device               Automatic return.

Computing Module    The principle speed of the road is 100m / sec, which can be averaged, maximum, minimum, segmented, added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, calculated constant settings, enthalpy value calculated, root number, floating, integrated input and other controls Function, control module provides various customized modules according to actual needs. 於數學計算則採浮運算方式。 The execution speed of the control program should be at least 10 times per second; the floating calculation method is adopted for mathematical calculation. Object-oriented one-week software scheduling function and hardware clock with optional connection plug-in (5 years of effort).


Architecture diagram



/ 消耗功率 Use of power / power consumption   24 Vdc, 30 VA

microprocessor               i.MX6 DualLite 32 bit / i.MX6 DualLite   2   微处理器 Nuclear microprocessor

RAM   MicroSD 卡槽 RAM DDR-III 1GB / Flash 8GB , MicroSD card slot

Accessory              3D 影像加速 , 麦克风 , 喇叭 , 前方物体距离传感器 Built-in 3D image acceleration , microphone , speaker , object distance sensor in front

communication method   以太网络 (Ethernet) Bacnet ethernet Bacnet IP Modbus TCP/IP Protocol( 通讯协议 ) 3 x RS-485 / Bacnet MS/TP Modbus RTU ( 干扰保护 : 光藕合方式隔离 ) 通讯速率 : 9600~76.8k bps ( 工厂内设 / 建议 9600 10/100 Mbps Ethernet , Bacnet ethernet , Bacnet IP , Modbus TCP / IP Protocol ( communication protocol ) , 3 x RS-485 / Bacnet MS / TP , Modbus RTU ( Interference protection : optical coupling isolation ) , Communication speed : 9600 ~ 76.8k bps ( factory built / recommended 9600   最大通讯距离 : 4000 bps) , maximum communication distance : 4000   ft   (1.2 km)

Communication address setting           : 最大到 32 Setting range : up to 32

size   243 mm x 205 mm x 51 mm

Installation method               ( 开孔尺寸 : Flush mounting ( opening size :   171   x   127   mm)

weight      960 g

/ 使用 Environment / use              0 to 70 ° C; 10 to 85% RH

Store                  低于 90% RH -10 to 90 ° C; below 90% RH

Certification      系列产品、零组件的质量 / 安全认证为 ISO 9001 CE The quality / safety certification of EDO series products and components is ISO 9001 and CE


Product case size and product wiring

系列端子采 plug-in 连接器使接线及维修更容易 , 建议采用 0.75mm 平方的对绞式遮蔽电缆线。 EDO series terminals use plug-in connectors to make wiring and maintenance easier . It is recommended to use 0.75mm square twisted shielded cable.


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