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Shanghai Dikong Intelligent Cloud Management System

Release time: 2019-03-25 16:07

Chapter 1 Overview

Shanghai Dikong Intelligent Cloud Management System is widely used in intelligent lighting control systems, smart home systems, intelligent energy management systems, etc. It uses 4G networks (mobile, linkage, telecommunications), and through the wireless data transceiver module DTU (Data Transfer Unit) Connects any Dikong terminal equipment or third-party equipment (such as electricity meters and water meters with RS485 modbus communication protocol) distributed in the network coverage area to Dikong Intelligent Cloud Platform, and builds an independent cloud platform Account, allowing users to access the designated account anytime, anywhere through a computer or mobile phone, and then manage the entire system.

main feature:

1. System multi-user and multi-authority management: user levels can be configured, and different user levels are assigned different operation permissions.

2. Perfect system security login strategy: Users can set to SMS verification login or specify a computer's MAC address to log in (MAC address is programmed by the computer manufacturer and generally cannot be changed) to improve user system security.

3. Perfect system function:

1) Graphic control management interface: The user can insert the basemap, insert the equipment to be monitored at the corresponding position on the basemap, edit the device name, etc., and then can see its running status in real time and can control it in real time.

2) Group setting and control function: Users can set up different groups according to the area of the controlled equipment and the running time, which can be controlled by one button manually or automatically.

3) Timing control (timing) function: After the timing setting is saved, the corresponding timing parameters will be saved to the serial port device. The serial port device can perform timing logic operations according to the parameters, so that the cloud platform timing is synchronized with the local timing, which can greatly improve Reliable timing operation, no longer have to worry about not being able to control on time because of unstable signals.

4) The timing control can be divided into ordinary timing, designated day timing, and designated off day. In ordinary timing setting and designated day timing setting, an unlimited number of execution time nodes can be added, and timing control can meet any requirements through timing setting.

5) Abnormal alarm function: The user can choose SMS alarm or email alarm, and once the equipment moves abnormally, the designated staff will be notified immediately.

6) History record curve list function: After the user selects the relevant parameters, the historical data curve chart is automatically generated. According to the curve chart, the control scheme of the lighting and other equipment can be reasonably optimized and the service life of the lamp can be prolonged.

7) Parameter setting backup function: All configuration parameters set by the user (such as timing, scenes, etc.) can be backed up and exported to a personal computer, or imported into the cloud system at any time.

8) Historical operation record query function: Each project account can be configured with multiple user names, who logs in and who does what operations, the system records them.

Chapter 2 User Login

The super administrator will assign a user name, initial password, user operation permission level, and secure login method (SMS authentication login, MAC address login, or direct password login without authentication) according to user requirements.

A) Direct login without authentication:

1. Dickon provides the user name and initial password required above according to user requirements.

2. The browser enters the URL http://www.cncomate.cn to enter the login page as shown below:

绑定电脑 MAC地址方式登录: 2. Logging in by binding the computer's MAC address:

1. win-macs windows 操作系统)或 mac-macs ( mac os 操作系统 ) Run the plug-in: win-macs ( windows operating system) or mac-macs ( mac os operating system ) .

2.   http://localhost:10099/macs Run: http: // localhost: 10099 / macs   MAC地址。 Get the user's local computer MAC address.

mac码发送给迪控超管,例如: ["58:8a:5a:3c:af:77","00:e1:8c:db:e6:f2","00:e1:8c:db:e6:f1"] 3. Send the following mac code to the Dytronix, for example: ["58: 8a: 5a: 3c: af: 77", "00: e1: 8c: db: e6: f2", "00: e1: 8c : db: e6: f1 "]

4.   Enter your username and password.

5.   The user goes directly to the project.

6.   If the user name is not logged in on the specified computer, it will be refused to log in, as shown below:

短信验证方式登录 C) Login via SMS verification :

1. The user enters the username and password.

获取短信验证码。 2. Get the SMS verification code.

用户直接进入到项目。 3. The user directly enters the project.

进入项目主菜单界面: 4. Enter the project main menu interface:

Device settings: Create a DTU device, add a serial device under the DTU device, and view the online status of the dtu device.

Variable editing: You can view the current values of variables of all devices, and modify the current values and send them to field devices.

 Connection status: View the online status of all serial devices.

Group settings: Create user-defined groups.

 Timing setting: Create user-defined timing.

Equipment monitoring: for a single device or all devices, all devices and variables in the project can be selectively controlled.

File management: upload graphic control and project basemap files, support jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp format.

 Graphic control management: Edit the graphic control operation interface of the project, which can intuitively control the project. Contains curve chart controls. Actually record the variable curve.

 Abnormal alarm: Set abnormal alarm activation variables, and can send alarm information notification by SMS or email.

 Data backup: The parameter settings made by the backup project can be loaded at any time to avoid data loss caused by operating errors.

Historical data: View the history of variables, which is convenient for users to find operation records.

 Graphic control operation: The graphic control interface set by graphic control management monitors the device.

Chapter 3 System Architecture and Equipment Wiring Diagram in the Distribution Box

For more details and HD drawings, please consult our technical staff!

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